Sales and Operations Planning Process

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Sales and Operations Planning Process

One of the dangers of treating elements of the supply chain as silos is the risk of fixing one problem while creating another. E.g. the reduction of one cost, while increasing another. It is easy to bulk purchase to solve the problem of raw material stock-outs, without considering the impact on working capital. Limited visibility, hidden costs, and fragmented teams (often working against each other), are some of the outcomes of a supply chain working in silos.

Sales and Operations Planning is a tactical communications and planning process to evaluate demand and ensure sufficient manufacturing and logistics resources are in place to deliver your products over a rolling 12 to 18-month planning horizon.

We will work with your organization to fully implement S&OP and to help your business deliver improved customer service, cost & capital efficiency. We will propose and deploy easy-to-implement methods that make sales and operations planning applicable and affordable for all kinds of companies, regardless of size.

Our approach to Sales and Operations Planning will support you in making medium to long-term plans for your resources, optimize your cost base, and improve your service.

  • Work with your team to develop and implement a process that they can own and drive
  • Seek continued alignment with all relevant stakeholders 
  • Identify, propose, and implement the best solutions for your company – excel based, or other software
  • Hands-on execution with the “guys on the ground” to deliver an integrated solution
  • Training and development will, of course, be part of our offering


We create a cost reducing and process optimization strategy that is specifically tailored for your business to deliver timely and guaranteed results. You will get one of the best private consultants working within your company without bearing the costs of a full time staff.