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Network Design & Optimization

We will design and build a Network Distribution Model (Transport, Inventory, and Location), that takes all constraints and variables into consideration, yet delivers a total package that reduces your costs, and delivers great service.

The team at HaroldandCo Consulting have the skills to develop these models and produce recommended options which give you the opportunity to make common sense decisions in this area. We will also work with your teams to determine and implement the right technology solution for your needs.

Examples of the areas we can provide support are:

  • Cost analysis of your current distribution methods
  • Modelling your current Logistics Network
  • Redesigning your distribution network, and proposing efficient cost models 
  • Scheduling your transportation routes
  • Secure customer/distributor agreement on goods inflow and returns schedule
  • Logistics network capacity assessment
  • Profiling of vehicle fleet and capacity and route-based design
  • Target inventory optimization


We create a cost reducing and process optimization strategy that is specifically tailored for your business to deliver timely and guaranteed results. You will get one of the best private consultants working within your company without bearing the costs of a full time staff.