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The Logistics and Distribution functions within the Supply Chain encompass transportation, stock control, and warehousing. It is critical that these functions are effectively managed and coordinated, ensuring that the flow of goods and materials are balanced to the most efficient cost base and aligned with customer requirements. 

HaroldandCo Consultants are aware that requirements vary according to the industry sector and have the expertise and experience within the team to accommodate the unique requirements of FMCG, Telecommunications services, Oil and Gas, Non-Governmental Organizations, and the Public Sector. Working with our partners, we will develop and implement an efficient Logistics strategy to help optimize your costs.

Warehouse and Inventory Management Standard & Operating Procedures (SOPs) that monitor the quality, cost, and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods, coordinate the order cycle and allocate staff resources accordingly 

Network Planning - building transport, inventory and optimizing your location strategies around your customer service objectives.

Transport Route Scheduling – optimal fleet capacity and management and good management of limited infrastructure

System Integration - ensuring accurate forecasting of increasingly complex systems of stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and performance evaluation.


We create a cost reducing and process optimization strategy that is specifically tailored for your business to deliver timely and guaranteed results. You will get one of the best private consultants working within your company without bearing the costs of a full time staff.