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Customs, Duty, Imports, Clearing, and Exports

Customs, Import, Export, and Logistics is one of the biggest challenges facing companies doing business in Nigeria. We are in partnership with experienced providers who can offer advice and solutions on imports, exports, customs / bonded warehousing, local distribution services, and logistics for exports. These services can be offered as advisory, or a full/partial outsourcing of your processes, to deliver on your expectations.

We commit to understand your process flows, provide solutions for tracking at any point in the cycle, determine and eliminate choke points, and smoothen out tough spots within this chain to help you optimize the use of your resources.

Working with our partners, we can offer the following:

  • Bonded (Excise) Warehouse storage facilities in accordance with relevant laws
  • Advice and proposal for resolution of complicated export and import-related issues.
  • Support with accurate duty calculation and payments
  • Simplified customs clearing process, including door to door services where required
  • Minimize custom duty exposure through proper planning of imports
  • Ensure compliance to all relevant excise duty laws
  • Propose and implement training for the team in these areas


We create a cost reducing and process optimization strategy that is specifically tailored for your business to deliver timely and guaranteed results. You will get one of the best private consultants working within your company without bearing the costs of a full time staff.